A Good Argumentative Essay Outline Pdf

Fundamentals Of An Argumentative Essay

Academic writing is one of the tasks that each student that goes through college has to tackle. That being said, writing argumentative articles is never an easy task. This is because it involves a lot of research to come up with the essay’s input data. You then have to organize all the data collected and then turn it into a readable and understandable written article. Remember, the professor expects you to write a grammatically correct, error-free essay. 

The challenge that students face when it comes to writing argumentative articles is that they are time-consuming. One has to possess some special know-how skills to draft an award-winning essay.

With that being said, it does not mean that creating an argumentative essay has to be a hellish activity every time you are given the academic assignment. There are lots of strategies that you can employ to ensure that you can fabricate an award-winning argumentative essay every time. One of the best ways to do this is to get familiar with the essentials of argumentative essay outlines. Here is what a useful framework should include;

  1. Introduction – it is obvious that this should be the very first section of your argumentative essay. It is essential to realize that this section should never be more than two paragraphs long. The primary purpose of this part of the paper should be to state the claim that your essay is going to make. This is where you present your stance concerning the topic to the reader.

Apart from ensuring that the presentation is as attractive as possible, you also have to provide any background information regarding the topic in this part of the document. This is very important as not only will it make you seem more knowledgeable about the topic to the reader; it will also help lay the foundations within which you will prove your argument later on.

  1. The body of the essay – this is where you get to present the relevant data you had gathered in the fact-finding phase. In this section, you get to provide the needed evidence to sway the peruser to your way of thinking. Realize that this only works if you present factual data as evidence. Another thing to keep in mind is that you also need to present one or two counterarguments to your stance. Showing the existing flaws in your paper makes you even more convincing in your argument.
  2. Conclusion part – this is where you tie it all up. Make sure to remind the peruser of the argument you presented and the supportive evidence that goes with it.

Understand that when you are writing an argumentative essay, you not only have to pick a topic that has got two arguable sides, you also have to conduct lots of in-depth fact-finding to collect data. This is all because when you are presenting your argument, you are required to provide only factual information as supportive evidence for your stance. This means that this activity becomes highly unpopular with students as actual research has to be conducted, cooking of data is never allowed.

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