An Effective Argumentative Paper Outline

Argumentative Essay Description

What is an argumentative essay? This is the type of academic article where a student picks one side of an argument and tries to convince the readers to join their school of thought. When it comes to creating an argumentative essay, a student should pick an argument with two sides. If the topic only has one side, it should not be used as an argumentative article topic because there is only one side to support.

When creating this essay, you must make sure to do thorough research. Furthermore, you should always support your stand with facts alone. You should also make sure that you only base your evidence on the most recent material that you could ever find. This is because if you found your argument on a fact from long ago, you may find that some proof was unearthed, and this truth debunked.

For instance, people in the past used to believe the earth was flat until it was proven to be round. Therefore, always base your argument on the most recent facts as possible. When it comes to creating this kind of article, here are the steps you should follow to ensure that you write the best essay possible.

  1. Pick a position. Understudies should consider the issue and pick the side they wish to advocate.
  2. Comprehend the teacher’s point of view. To compose a compelling argumentative essay, the essayist must comprehend the teacher’s point of view. Is the teacher uncertain or slanted to support one side or the other?
  3. Do the examination. An influential exposition relies on persuasive and robust proof. Try not to depend on a single source. Ensure to research data from various sites and reference materials. This will enable you to have an all-rounded understanding of your point, making it easier for you to support it convincingly.
  4. Always ensure that you support your essay with the most recent facts that you can find only.

In any argumentative essay, a student gets to convince the professor to conform to their view by using facts to back up their point. This is usually done by drawing conclusions and connections from the real world and using them to back up their argument.

Outline of a Good Argumentative Essay

A proper Argumentative essay format should include the following;

  1. An introduction paragraph: You should make sure that you start actively to grab your teacher’s attention immediately when they come across your paper. This will make them eager to read your essay, which will give you an excellent chance to argue your case.
  2. Body paragraphs- this is where you present your argument. Ensure that each section is devoted to a single point.
  3. Opposing view paragraph-after presenting your points, you then introduce the view from the opposite side and then refute it.
  4. Conclusion- here, you remind the reader of your thesis statement once again.

An argumentative essay outline should contain five or six sections. You must note that an outline is a crucial aspect of essay writing. It is something that will guide you through the writing process, ensuring that you have incorporated everything that your teacher wants you to include in the essay.

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