How to Draft a Literature Based Dissertation Methodology

Tips on How to Compose a Literature Based Dissertation

Writing a winning dissertation means that you complete all the chapters in the same way they have to be completed. It is not easy, and you cannot run away from completing one as a college learner. Therefore, anytime you get an assignment, it is proper to define it and find the possible solutions to tackle excellently. 

A research paper is a form of expanded essay used to show the ability of a learner to evaluate or interpret a particular argument. Research paper writing involves many processes, and given its importance, many students dread when they are asked to complete one. It is because the majority of them do not know how to compose it expertly. 

A study paper’s primary drive is to highlight a specific student’s skills and ability to research a specific subject. It also gauges the student’s ability to present his or her findings uniquely and originally. It implies that drafting a persuasive research paper is a labor-intensive assignment. 

You have to complete different chapters that have unique requirements. This article provides insight into how you can compose a literature-based methodology chapter most appropriately. You are needed in this chapter to discuss the methodologies used to conduct out your study. It clarifies what and how you did to come up with the results. It is essential because it assists the reader to evaluate the consistency and legitimacy of your content. 

  1. Many learners find it challenging to write this section because they do not know its content. The core things you point out here are:
  2. The nature of the research you conducted-here, you explain the approach to complete your dissertation. It can be qualitative or quantitative. Show how you employed it to achieve your results. 
  3. How you collected your data- research techniques can overlap when doing either a qualitative or quantitative research. However, there are defining features that you must explain when you used either qualitative or quantitative research. 
  4. How you analyzed your data- you can employ different techniques to evaluate your information. Explain to the reader what you dead to conclude. Be clear if you used any software like SPSS or the particular method that was suitable to help you analyze your data. Be keen not to discuss the results because they have their chapter. 
  5. You also have to tell the reader any particular tool or material used in the course of the research. 
  6. Since literature-based research will mostly deal with data from other sources, be clear about the justification for selecting your techniques. The reader must know why you did not use other available methods but decided to stay to a particular approach.  Help the audience to have an easy time understanding your rationale.

These are the mains sections you have to deliberate in your dissertation method. You can get profound information on each part from experts to write it like an expert. How you complete this section means a lot because it is what readers used to validate your findings. 

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