Learn How to Strengthen an Argumentative Essay Format

The ideal way to compose an argumentative essay  

An outline is a significant process of any academic writing. Many college assignments have the same format but require different content. Like any other piece, an argumentative essay consists of the introduction, the body, and a conclusion. 

This article will help you know what to write to make a convincing article.

Argumentative essay introduction 

It is the first part of your essay that introduces the purpose of your writing. Make it appealing to the reader. A presentation has several sections that enable you to meet its demand. When composing an introduction, start with a hook. It is the first paragraph meant to capture your reader’s attention. The purpose of the hook is to capture the reader’s attention. 

After hooking your reader, provide background information to narrow the discussion subject. It helps the reader to follow your discussion. However, do not pre-empty the primary debate. Ensure you include a thesis statement in the introduction. Mostly, it is a single sentence that carries the main argument of the entire paper. The rest of the essay parts support it. 

The body 

It is a section where you provide information to support your thesis. All discussions are made here. The ideal way is to divide it into sections. The first part of the introduction is a topic sentence. It carries the main argument of a paragraph and acts as a transition from one thought to another.

The claim comes to make your assertion where you link the main argument in a paragraph to the thesis. 

The purpose is to validate the point and show how it strengthens the thesis statement. Since an argumentative essay needs facts, the evidence consists of reliable facts to defend your claim. You can include references, citations, and statistics. 

The counterargument is also presented here to refute the opposing side. When writing an argumentative essay, it is essential to consider both sides of the argument. The refutation will help you to invalidate the conflicting side.  

Finally, finish your paragraph with a concluding statement. The aim is to summarize the key elements raised in the section and show the reader that you have come to an end to help you transition to the next point. 


It is the last part of an essay, which provides the last words about the subject. Restate the thesis to show you have proven it by the body paragraphs’ supporting pieces. Include a summary of the main arguments to help the reader have a recap of what you have presented. 

Finally, give a concluding statement about the entire topic. Ensure that the conclusion is memorable, for it is the last part your reader reads. Show the study’s universal significance or provide a prompt that leads the reader to investigate the topic further. You can also give a call to action depending on the approach. 

When you follow these tips, you will undoubtedly deliver a winning argumentative essay. Do your research well to find relevant information and follow the outline to write coherently. 

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