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Writing any academic piece is divided into three broad sections. We have the pre-writing, writing, and post-writing phases and join to the – https://writemyessaytoday.org website. Unfortunately, many students focus on the second phase and forget about the first and the second sections. You must take a keen interest in all the phases if you want to deliver a perfect paper. Each section has various requirements, but this article will focus on the first stage of academic writing.

If you want to achieve anything in life, you must plan and weigh options to develop the best strategy. Academic writing also follows the same process. It is why you have the pre-writing phase to help you determine why and what you want to draft. The stage includes finding a good topic, conducting research on the subject, and creating an outline.

In argumentative writing, anĀ outlineĀ is essential because it ensures that your work is orderly. The points you raise must have a single purpose of supporting the thesis. So, how you outline will matter a lot when it comes to the writing phase.

We will focus on the outline to help you understand how to structure your argumentative essay.

It is like any other essay containing three sections; the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, each part has a sole purpose that makes it distinct from other academic pieces.

The introduction

It is the opening part of your essay, which calls for much attention because the reader’s journey starts here. It enables them to determine if they will read your work or not from the first few sentences. You can intrigue your reader if you follow this approach.

  1. Start with a hook- it is a piece of writing that aims at attracting the reader’s attention. It must be catchy comprising of a funny anecdote, interesting quiz, or a controversial statement.
  2. Develop your thoughts by explaining to the reader the essence of your topic and why you selected it.
  3. Create a thesis statement- it must be clear to help the reader know your position to understand the significance of the subject.

These tips ensure that you create an excellent introduction to hook and meet its purpose of providing your essay’s background.

The body

Here is where you provide evidence to support your claims and tie it to the thesis. You can approach it with few sections supporting your stance and alternate with others refuting opposing claims. Or, you can write all the allegations and have a single paragraph to refute the opposing arguments. The choice of approach will depend on the kind of essay you are drafting.

The conclusion

It is the final section that allows the writer to sum all the points highlighted and give the last word about the entire piece. Restate the thesis and show how the information you provided has supported it. Do not introduce new concepts in conclusion.

These ideas can help you to create an excellent outline to support your writing phase. Follow it to deliver a winning argumentative article.

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