How much diploma work can be bought in UK?

“Yes, yes, I’m writing. I write a job in a month, but now there is so much work to do that is nothing, ”said one of the women who sell their diploma papers online.

There are many ads where people offer their services to those who want to buy a bachelor’s or master’s thesis. With summer approaching, as students graduate, their numbers increase even further, with hundreds now available on various websites.

“I write diploma papers on various topics. If needed, the work is written urgently. The work shall be carried out in accordance with the exact instructions of the task, in particular following the methodological guidelines of the educational institution. The works are written in one piece or in one piece, the work started by the customer can be continued, only the theoretical or practical part can be adjusted, ”- the announcements read.

At the moment, prices for final works range from 400 to 900 euros and are almost equal to the average salary in UK. Working students may be tempted to buy a diploma job for a month’s salary and thus save time.

Let’s say a student gives three months for writing his or her final thesis, and he / she gets a monthly salary of 500 euros. Working for three months, he would earn € 1,500, of which € 500 would go towards purchasing a diploma work, so it pays more money to do so. It is true that these costs may soon increase, as the cost of submitting your work may be up to EUR 300.

Prices vary by study area

Our team has contacted dozens of individuals who offer their services to students who wish to obtain a diploma paper through ad pages.

Asked about the cost of the works, the sellers said the amount could be adjusted. The price of the final thesis also depends on the term – how much the client expects to get the job, the complexity of the topic, the requirements of the lecturer, whether it is a bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

According to the sellers, the more specialists in the field, the lower the cost of the work. The cost of a final thesis in the field of technology or physical sciences reaches 1,500. This is due to the fact that there are very few specialists writing diploma papers in this field.

Prices for bachelor’s theses in the social sciences range from 500 to 600 euros. Bachelor’s theses in political science, management, psychology or philosophy can also be bought from some salesmen for 400 euros, depending on the topic and time of the job.

Academic ethics do not fail, but there are limits to morality

Asked by our consultants whether sellers of diploma papers do not feel they are contributing to the disruption of academic ethics, interviewees objected. According to them, the jobs are mostly bought by people who are already working and up the career ladder, they only need that “paper” and most students would not buy such jobs.

The good news for patients, the bad for medical students, because finding people to take on a master’s thesis is really hard, and salespeople are avoiding writing it. “I quit medical work because you understand that you have to study medicine yourself,” said the man writing his diploma paper.

Threatening fines do not scare sellers

So far, no legal liability has been foreseen for the sale of scientific works, but the situation will soon change. From April 1 this year, the new Code of Administrative Offenses (ANC) will come into force, which will include a separate article providing for administrative liability for individuals for unauthorized purchase, sale and submission to scientific and educational institutions.

“Unlawful purchase, sale and submission to graduate students of graduate, postgraduate and graduate theses, dissertations and artistic projects shall incur a fine of between EUR 150 and EUR 300 and, for heads of legal persons or other persons responsible, between EUR 800 and EUR 1800”, provided for in Article 123 of the Code.

Repeated misconduct will be punished from 300 to 850 euros, legal persons or other responsible persons from 1.7 thousand. up to 3 thousand euros.

Asked what he thinks of these changes to the Code of Administrative Offenses and whether he plans to continue, the thesis salesman said he first wants to wait for the new Code of Administrative Offenses to come into force, adding: “Then let’s think.”