Techniques to Approach an Argumentative Essay to Deliver a Perfect Piece

Three Avenues to Complete an Argumentative Article

Before considering the various ways to compose an argumentative article, it is vital to understand what it is and the defining features that make it distinct from the rest of other pieces. It is a piece of writing where a writer gives opposing points of view of an argument. Its aim is to provide information and not to convince. Therefore analytical, research, and writing skills are essential in ensuring you compose a perfect argumentative essay.

It has some elements that define it. So, ensure you include them in your writing. Otherwise, you will have missed the purpose of drafting this piece.

  1. It must have a position- the first thing is to make it clear to the readers the position you are taking in the argument. Find relevant ideas to point out why your stance matters.
  2. Evidence-here, you find more data from external sources to substantiate your outlook. You have to include citations and references that point to credible data you have used to make your assertions.
  3. Counterarguments- it is a section where you give the other side of your stance. You write about the opposing side and state why it is invalid.

Your argumentative easy must include these aspects to make it complete. Always conduct a proper study to back your stance fully for this form of writing is based on facts.

Ways to Tackle an Argumentative Essay

The first method is classical, which is the most common with the underlined layout.

  1. The introduction -you provide the aim of your essay in the form of a thesis statement. Ensure it is catchy to hook the reader.
  2. The study background – provides further information that backs your stance. Prove what you have obtained from the study.
  3. Main arguments – discuss the central points of your discussion.
  4. Refutation – here, you provide counterarguments and refute it as invalid.
  5. Conclusion-sum up all the key arguments and offer a solution or a call to action

Secondly, we have the Rogerian, which is fit for polemical discussions. Here, you do not have a particular configuration to follow. The deal is in how you present the data. It requires that the writer is sympathetic to both sides of the argument.

It is more of comparison because either side can be valid. Unlike the classical approach, you do not have to solve a problem. An ideal way is to follow a wide-scoped view.

Lastly is the Toulmin approach. It seeks to find common ground for polemical themes with an argument and eliminate redundant opinions. The best way to handle an argumentative essay using this format is to talk about the pros and cons.

You can use any of the methods to draft your argumentative piece. Ensure that the method you select is useful in discussing the issue at hand. With the data, you can gauge and know the best approach to use.

When you follow these tips, writing will be handy. You will not struggle to create captivating pieces because you know what to do to meet the argumentative essay writing requirements.

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