Tips to Write Methodology for Literature Review Dissertation

How to Compose a Dissertation Literature Review

We believe you do not think as many students imagine when assigned to compose a literature review dissertation. Many of them take it to be a simple task where you get yourself a comfortable chair with a coffee cup and scribble down summaries from the readings as you skim through different books. Hey, it’s more than that. 

So, what is a literature review dissertation? It offers a critical evaluation of different literature sources around a particular subject to identify and gap that your research will be focused on addressing. The literature review dissertation’s expectation is broad other tan evaluating the sources and coming up with a recap about what you have gathered. 

The vital point to note is that you aim to summarize and offer a critical analysis of the study arguments identified in your readings in this form of writing. It requires that you do not make new contributions to the literature, which is why it is called a review.

Here are some steps you can follow to compose a dissertation literature review. 

Identify the sources

You must have a clue about the source you want to explore. If your instructor has not provided any information about the reading materials, ensure that you get your subject and research on it. It will help you to come up with multiple references you can start with. Think about the parameter and aims of your study to come up with reliable sources to review.

Study your sources 

After finding multiple sources that are relevant to your study, read them. Go through them superficially to get a general feel of the subject. It will assist you to know the most suitable sources to keep for your research. You can start an in-depth study after you have sorted out the most relevant sources. As you read the sources, ensure you take notes, ask questions critically, and find the academic stance on the sources you evaluate. Note any query that crops up in the course of reading. 

Consider the gaps in the study

Your dissertation will be based on the gap you find in the sources. To ensure that the gap you identify is valid, try to think about more profoundly. See if the gap is broad enough to complete a separate study. The position you take must be supported by the information you have gathered. It is not easy to do that because finding a gap shows honed research skills and critical evaluation, which earns you an extra score.

After you have completed the review, it is time to start your dissertation. Follow these tips when writing the review.

  1. Use the sample literature appraisals
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Use current and updated sources
  4. Organize your work professionally 

Follow these tips if you were green about writing your literature review dissertation. You can also find help from professional writers to assist you in delivering a perfect paper. You have the internet to help you study more about how you can compose a good literature review dissertation. Get more tips to make your writing simpler.

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