Useful Tips on Writing a Paper Outline

How to Write a Research Paper Outline

Before getting into the details of writing a research paper outline, one must understand that this is a useful tool that is handy when writing a research paper. It provides a structure to follow and all the information that must be included in the paper. The content must be organized. A research outline guarantees the quality of the research paper by doing the following:

  • Helping you remember everything you want to write
  • Helping you organize your thoughts properly
  • Helping you understand the flow of information, and the different ways ideas relate
  • Helps the examine gauge what the paper is about even before reading through

Components of an Outline in Research Paper Writing

A research paper should have several parts to be considered complete. It starts with an introduction section, followed by the body, which incorporates all the discussion points. Finally, it completes with a conclusion which summarizes the discussed points. Just by going through the outline, the reader should get an idea of your research.


This section of the outline covers the basic and general view of the research paper. It will focus on the definitions of the topic. Once it is clear what the topic is about, it also describes case studies that the research will be drawing its findings. The introduction could also mention facts and figures that will be instrumental in the research paper.


This section can be divided into several parts, depending on the points you intend to discuss. You can cover sections on measures taken during previous studies of your subject. The body can also explore and discuss relevant cases before providing links to the case studies. Basically, each point should stand on its own and should be cited correctly based on facts and figures.


The conclusion wraps up all your findings in a legible manner. Tie the findings you got from your research to a solution that makes your study relevant. Propose potential solutions to the issue you are researching. Provide a summary of the study, giving figures where necessary.

Writing the Outline

Once you understand the structure, the next step is to know how to write the content. For a great outline of the research paper, several things must be considered. These include the following:

  1. Choosing the subject of the paper
  2. Noting the ideas you intend to discuss in your search paper
  3. Organizing all the related ideas in a sub-group, making it easy to discuss each point exhaustively
  4. Arranging all your ideas in a hierarchy, such that one idea leads to the next. This will help your research information to flow logically, avoiding confusion.
  5. Creating headlines that are effective
  6. Observing proper formatting in the outline and search paper

Writing a research paper outline is not complicated as long as you stick to the suggestion given above. A good outline will help you write an excellent research paper, and guarantee you the best score possible. In case the tutor insists on a specific format for an outline, stick with it as it may affect your overall score.

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